In Madikwe, the cam is located on the northwest edge of the Madikwe Wildlife Reserve, just across the border from Botswana. The cam faces south toward Tau waterhole. Live streaming began in Jan 2020. The cam is panned across the landscape and zoomed in on animals and birds of interest.

When the cam pans farthest left, the large hill in the foreground is to the east, as the sun comes up behind it in the morning. When the cam pans farthest right, there are thin tree branches that hang down in front of the cam. At night, the cam switches to infrared black and white view.

At the Olifants River, The camera pans from Northeast to Northwest.

At Rosie's Pan, The camera pans from Southwest to North.

At the Madikwe Wildlife Reserve, the landscape is lush, with trees, shrubs, leafy plants, grasses, and water plants.

AfarTV tracks and records all wildlife that has be seen from the live stream. You can view the list of species spotted in Madikwe, Olifants, and Rosie's Pan. Visit the live stream to findout what wildlife was spotted today! Additional information can be found here.

The term "game reserve" is historically used to refer to an area where trophy hunting is allowed, usually in Africa. Although most "game reserves" no longer permit trophy hunting, including Madikwe, the term is still being used. We feel that using Wildlife Reserve is a less confusing term to describe the reserve since hunting is not permitted.